17 Jan 2016

Gold Crown Ring

Sigurna sam da volite sladak, zenstven i pristupacan nakit, a bas o jednom takvom komadu moci cete danas da citate. Radi se o "midi" prstenu sa sajta Lady Queen.  Mislim da ste svi vec upoznati sa pojmom midi prstenje jer je jako popularno. Ukoliko niste, to je prstenje koje se nosi na pola prsta, a uglavnom je jako suptilno i slatko.

I'm sure you all like cute, girly and affordable jewelry, and that's exactly what I'm going to talk about today. It's about midi ring from Lady Queen site. I think everybody knows what midi rings are because they are very popular. In case you don't know, It's ring that is meant to be worn on the middle of the finger and It's usually very subtle and cute. 

Prsten je zlatne boje sa tri cirkona, u obliku krune. Precnik mu je 16mm pa ako imate tanje prste, moci cete da ga nosite i kao standardno prstenje. Meni sasvim solidno odgovara na oba nacina. Koliko ga imam, oko dva meseca, boja mu se nije promenila. On trenutno kosta samo 1.30$.

This crown shaped ring comes in gold and It has three zircons.. It's 16mm wide so If you have a thinner fingers It can fit as a regular ring. For me It works both ways. Since I have it, for about two months, I didn't changed It's color. Currently It costs only 1.30$.

Skroz je simpatican i zenstven, verujem da cete moci da ga iskombinujete sa raznim odevnim kombinacijama i lakovima za nokte. Ja sam ga ovde iskombinovala sa neutralnim lakom kako bi sam prsten dosao do izrazaja.

It's adorable and girly, I believe you will be able to combine It with various outfits and nail polishes. Here I used a neutral nail polish so the ring would stand out.

Pogledajte Lady Queen sajt, imaju mnogo sitnica i pored nakita, a cene su dosta pristupacne. Ukoliko nadjete nesto za sebe mozete iskoristiti kod QWGS15 za 15% popusta! :) 

Make sure to check out Lady Queen site where you can find a bunch of other cute stuff for a reasonable price. If you find something for yourself use a coupon code QWGS15 for 15% off! :) 


  1. It looks excellent on you with the light polish. But does it not caught in your hair or clothing, because of the shape of it?

    1. Thank you! :) I don't remember having a problem with that. :D It might have get caught up in my hair though, It's long.

    2. Anyway, it looks fantastic :) Have a great day!


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